Note : not everyone who has contributed to FMJ project is included here. If you have been overlooked in this list, please, do not take it personally, and just let the team know. We will gladly add you.

Thanks to many people for submitting patches, bug reports, and feedback, which helped us improve the quality of FMJ project.

Thanks to all open-source projects, books, and examples from which source has been borrowed/adapted, like SIP-Communicator and EJMF.

Name Location Role Project Area
Ken Larson
USA, Germany Project leader, Developer All
Warren Bloomer
Australia Developer FMJ Studio, FMJ Registry, audio/video renderers
Andrew Rowley
England Developer RTP
Christian Vincenot
Developer RTP France
Andrey Kuprianov
Russia, Thailand Web designer and administrator Web technologies
Stephan Goetter
Unspecified Developer FFMPEG-Java
Jeremy Wood Unspecified Developer JPEG encoding/decoding, buffer/image conversion, optimization
Damian Minkov Bulgaria Developer (SIP-Communicator) SIP-Communicator RTP Codecs