Class FmjTranscode

  extended by net.sf.fmj.apps.transcode.FmjTranscode

public class FmjTranscode
extends java.lang.Object

A command-line transcoder application. Example args: Transcode an audio file to another format: file://samplemedia/gulp2.wav LINEAR:22050:8:1:?:S audio/basic file:// Record live video into a video file: civil:/0 JPEG multipart/x-mixed-replace file://out.mmr Transmit an audio file via RTP: file://samplemedia/gulp2.wav ULAW/RTP:8000:8:1 raw/rtp rtp:// Transmit live audio via RTP: javasound://0 ULAW/RTP:8000:8:1 raw/rtp rtp:// javasound://0 ALAW/RTP:8000:8:1 raw/rtp rtp:// Extract video track from a movie and re-encode into another video file: file://samplemedia/Apollo_15_liftoff_from_inside_LM.ogg JPEG multipart/x-mixed-replace file://out.mmr Extract audio track from a movie and re-encode into an audio file: file://samplemedia/Apollo_15_liftoff_from_inside_LM.ogg LINEAR:44100:8:1 audio/basic file:// Receive RTP audio and record to a file: rtp:// LINEAR:8000:8:1 audio/basic file:// Transmit live video via RTP: civil:/0 JPEG/RTP:160x120 raw/rtp rtp:// Receive RTP video and record to a file: rtp:// JPEG multipart/x-mixed-replace file://out.mmr Render live audio in a specific format: javasound://0 LINEAR:8000:16:1:B:S raw RENDER javasound://0 ULAW:8000:8:1 raw RENDER Record audio to a file: TODO TODO: incompletely specified formats TODO: javasound://0 SPEEX/RTP:8000:8:1 raw/rtp rtp:// - terrible filter graph TODO: javasound://0 ILBC/RTP:8000:16:1 raw/rtp rtp:// - choppy TODO: javasound://0 LINEAR:8000:16:1:B:S audio/basic file:// TODO: javasound://0 LINEAR:8000:16:1:B:S audio/x-wav file://out.wav TODO: file://samplemedia/gulp2.wav LINEAR audio/basic file:// TODO: file://samplemedia/Apollo_15_liftoff_from_inside_LM.ogg LINEAR:44100:16:1:B:S audio/basic file:// TODO: file://samplemedia/Apollo_15_liftoff_from_inside_LM.ogg LINEAR:44100:8:2 audio/basic file:// TODO: file://samplemedia/Apollo_15_liftoff_from_inside_LM.ogg LINEAR audio/basic file:// TODO: content type is often redundant with output, since content type can usually be determined by output ext.

Ken Larson

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
 void run(java.lang.String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public FmjTranscode()
Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
                 throws java.lang.Exception


public void run(java.lang.String[] args)
         throws java.lang.Exception