Package net.sf.fmj.ejmf.toolkit.util

EJMF: utility classes.


Interface Summary
SourcedTimerListener Implemented by those class that need to informed of time events from a SourcedTimer.
TimeSource Implemented by classes that will provide a time value.

Class Summary
BorderConstants From the book: Essential JMF, Gordon, Talley (ISBN 0130801046).
PlayerDriver The PlayerDriver class provides a basis for displaying a Java Media Player as either an applet or an application.
PlayerPanel This class is a panel that is intended to display a particular medium.
SourcedTimer The SourcedTimer class implements a timer dependent on a named source.
SourcedTimerEvent This event is sent by a SourcedTimer to its listeners in response from a 'tick' by the SourcedTimer's base timer.
StateWaiter The StateWaiter class provides routines to allow the current thread to wait for a Controller to reach a particular state.
Utility Static utilites for common JMF routines From the book: Essential JMF, Gordon, Talley (ISBN 0130801046).

Package net.sf.fmj.ejmf.toolkit.util Description

EJMF: utility classes.