RTP implementation.


Interface Summary
ReactorHandler An object that can handle Reactor packets.

Class Summary
RTCPFeedback Represents an RTCP Feedback report
RTCPHandler Handles incoming RTCP Packets
RTCPHeader Represents and parses an RTCP header
RTCPPacket Represents an RTCP Packet
RTCPReceiverReport Represents an RTCP Receiver Report
RTCPReport Represents an RTCP Report
RTCPSenderInfo Represents the sender info part of the RTCP SR Packet
RTCPSenderReport Represents an RTCP Sender Report
RTPAudioDataStream Represents a stream sent via RTP
RTPDataSource Represents an RTP Data Source
RTPDataStream A generic RTP Data Stream
RTPGlobalReceptionStats Represents reception statistics
RTPGlobalTransmissionStats Represents global transmission statistics
RTPHandler Handles incoming RTP Packets
RTPHeader Represents the header of an RTP packet
RTPJitterBuffer Implements a RTP Jitter Buffer
RTPLocalParticipant Represents a local participant
RTPPacket Represents an RTP Packet
RTPParticipant Represents an RTP participant
RTPReceiveStream Represents a stream received over RTP
RTPReceptionStats Represents receptions statistics for a given stream
RTPRemoteParticipant Represents a remote participant
RTPSendStream Represnts an RTP sending stream
RTPSocketAdapter An implementation of RTPConnector based on UDP sockets.
RTPTransmissionStats Represents statistics for transmission
RTPVideoDataStream Represents a stream sent via RTP
SimpleSocketInputStream A DatagramSocket Input Stream Adapter
SocketInputStream Deprecated. not used.
SocketOutputStream An output Datagram Socket for JMF

Package Description

RTP implementation.