Joining FMJ Development Team

If you would like to contribute or better join FMJ development team, please, follow the general steps below. We are welcoming anyone who can help make FMJ a better project!

Before you start, please, carefully review our engineering terms.

  1. Download the FMJ release, play around with FMJ Studio and FMJ Registry.
  2. Get a user account.
  3. Get the FMJ source code from CVS.
  4. Subscribe to the fmj-devel mailing list.
  5. Review some of the documents and links on the FMJ website, particularly those pertaining to roadmap and status.
  6. Do you have a particular project that you would like to get working with FMJ, or particular goals to achieve? This is a good place to start. See if it works with FMJ (without JMF), and perhaps report your findings to the fmj-devel mailing list, and the team will likely have ideas on where to start.
  7. Do you have any particular area of interest or expertise? This is also very relevant, as there are many different tasks to be done, all the way from native library wrapping, porting codecs from C, to GUI work, testing, optimization and improvement across the board. For example, are you interested in playback, transcoding, streaming, applets, RTP, live audio and video capture? Do you have experience with image rendering, javasound, general Java architecture and design, media formats, FFMPEG, DirectShow, Quicktime, GStreamer, Theora, native coding, JNI, JNA, etc, etc, etc... Please don't be intimidated by the long list of complicated technologies that FMJ integrates with, nobody on the team is an expert in all of these. There is an optimal niche for everyone, regardless of breadth and depth of experience. And even without any particular multimedia experience, there are interesting tasks to be done.