FMJ Project

FMJ is an open-source project with the goal of providing an alternative to Java Media Framework (JMF), while remaining API-compatible with JMF. It aims to produce a single API/Framework which can be used to capture, playback, process, and stream media across multiple platforms.

Since FMJ is API-compatible with latest JMF, you may use existing JMF codes and run them. However, several areas of the project are under development, and sometimes you may have to find workarounds, if your existing JMF codes do not work. At any time feel free to ask us questions on our help forum. You can also browse through our getting started, troubleshooting and javadoc pages. This documentation will help you undestand the difference and similarities between JMF and FMJ.

FMJ also has two sub-projects and one sister project. The sub-projects, FFMPEG-Java and Theora-Java, are Java wrappers for FFMPEG and Vorbis respectively. Our sister project is LTI-CIVIL and it is used as the primary video capture device library.

FMJ can be downloaded here in ZIP or TAR bundles, or you can directly pull the latest source from CVS.

You are always welcome to join the team, because this is a big project with lots to do!

By the way, do not forget to check out screenshots and live demo sections!


Default JRE

Supported Formats

Supported Platforms

LGPL Java Runtime Environment 5.0 Visit our supported media formats page.
GNU/Linux 32/64-bit Kernel 2.4+
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Mac OS X